Trichomes are the waxy cellular mostly non-water solluble resins that look like crystals covered on the female Cannabis flowers. Trichomes are responsible for “housing”, “nesting”, and actually being composed of various different Cannabinoids, Terenoids, Flavinoids, and other chemical compounds enzymatically produced by the Cannabis flowers. So the essential Medicine of Cannabis is really the small clear/brown mushroomed shaped cellular trichomes that contain various health beneficial chemical compounds. But trichomes also play a large role in protecting the Cannabis flowers from harmful UV rays emitted from the sun. Various chemical compounds such as Cannabinoids, Terpenoids, and even Flavinoids have shown to possess properties that help to absorb UV rays. THC has also shown to work quite effectively as an Anti-Pessticide, along with Terpenoids. For example a specific Terpenoid by the name of LIMONENE is found in Lemons, oranges, citrus fruits, and Cannabis. LIMONENE gives off an odor that flies detect as a Toxin. Cannabinoids, terpenoids, and Flavinoids obviously are chemical compounds in trichomes that help provide an over all “shield’ to protect the Cannabis Flowers from harmful UV exposure that might dry out the flowers and damage seed production. This could quite possibly be why trichomes and other various cannabinoids are not water soluble, possibly so that rain does not wash away and destroy vital protective cellular trichomes. But more research needs to be to done to see if different sun radiation’s can make cellular trichomes enzymatically produce specific Cannabinoids like THC, CBD, CBG, CBC, etc. If so, Cannabis could then be manipulated to produce large quantities of specific desirable Cannabinoids.

trichomes 2


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